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    5 oktober 2020

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    In other words, people who want to help me financially to provide for myself and thus build up an Art Credit.

    With the accrued credit, a work of mine can be purchased. In this way I can make a living from my work. And that, dear people, is My Dream.

    Most of you know that I have been without income for 7 years now. During that time I rowed with the oars, ... I did co-housing, cleaned part-time and did odd jobs.

    However, doing unskilled work does not help, at least for me. After all, in addition to the education of my daughter, being a single mom and having the usual household 'obligations', there is too little time and mental space left to do quality Work.

    I, alexandra kremers, am an artist. In heart and soul. Unable to hold other positions. I live for my work and my daughter, that's all I have in my power. To survive in this society I need financial help. And for that help I can offer something beautiful.

    If you are open to this concept, you appreciate my work and you can miss something every month, please feel free to contact me. This can be done via alexandrakremers@gmail.com

    Sovereign greetings,

    Tag: Van Gogh Source; https://vijgennapasen.wordpress.com/tag/van-gogh/
    Art and money (3)
    "Which people know the most about money?
    Answer: bankers and artists.
    The bankers because they are busy with money all day, the artists because they are always short of money (and are therefore constantly working on it).
    It's a joke, but there is a lot of truth in it.
    Artists dedicate their lives to art.
    Art is an almost religious mission for them.
    But by the nature of the matter they are at the same time obliged to deal very intensely with "the mire of the earth".
    Art may be so spiritual, but it can never separate itself from matter.
    This is particularly the case for the visual arts.
    The musical arts are much less material in nature.
    Pen and paper are enough for a writer, a musician can live a whole life with one instrument.
    A painter, on the other hand, needs canvas, and paint, and brushes, and oil, and turpentine, and an easel, and a studio, and so on.

    ... Vincent van Gogh, for example, sold only one painting in his entire life.
    He was financially dependent on his brother and without his (generous) support we would never have heard of the Sunflowers or the Potato Eaters.
    And van Gogh was no exception, he was the rule.
    Visual artists have always depended on people to support them.
    Artistic problems were always financial problems for them. ..."


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    "Donateurs/ sponsors/ broodheer gezocht, ..."

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    vrienden van harrie & alexandra:

    Je eervolle vermelding blijft tot 6 maanden na je laatste krediet-opbouw online. Krediteurs vanaf 500 euri blijven permanent eervol vermeld (soeverein besluit sinds 11.05.2016)

    Laatste krediteur komt telkens boven aan de lijst. Bij herhaaldelijke kreditering geldt dit vanaf €50 (2de soeverein besluit sinds 30.05.2016)

    - Jef Vanhouttem -

    - Tharcis Zinet -


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